About Us

Hola Senoritas!

Gypsy Bleu here to tell you a little about myself and my brand. I'm a one woman operating show around here, working my bootay off to bring y'all the raddest of the rad threads. GB is a high-end boutique that has the goal to make every woman feel like a million freakin' bucks. GB is named after the cutest lil "bleu" eyed Mini Aussie in all the land. Gypsy thoroughly enjoys playing with socks and tagging along to every adventure I throw at her. I'm usually busy running barrels when I'm not busy with you guys and you can probably catch me at Fuzzy's on the weekends sippin' on an extra large Cerveza. I built GB because I can relate to every single babe out there that at one point or another has maxed out a credit card or two on a shopping bender. I've always loved standing out and always loved the way a bangin' outfit could make me feel. I strive to give that feeling to all you amigas. 

I'm super stoked to enjoy this journey with every single one of you babes. Thx for the love and good vibes.
- Gypsy Bleu